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Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether

Product category: hydroxypropyl starch ether

Full English name: Hydroxypropyl starch ether

English abbreviation: HPS

Hydroxypropyl starch ether is a starch-based additive designed for dry mortars in the construction industry. The starch ether should be used in combination with cellulose derivatives. It has good properties under neutral and alkaline conditions and is compatible with other additives in gypsum or cement-based building materials.

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether

Hydroxypropyl starch ether can give unique properties to cement and gypsum based products. It has a similar chemical structure to Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC), and not only has functions similar to Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC), but also has good compatibility with other building additives. Hydroxypropyl starch ether and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) can be used together to provide better thickening effect, better crack resistance and improved ease of use. And by adding starch ether, the cost of mortar formulation can be significantly reduced.

Properties of hydroxypropyl starch ether

● Hydroxypropyl starch ether has anti-sagging properties, which can improve anti-sagging performance and optimize construction performance;

● Hydroxypropyl starch ether can effectively prevent the phenomenon of thick layer overhanging of mortar, which is good for improving the undesirable phenomena of tile slippage and thick layer overhanging;

● Adding an appropriate amount of hydroxypropyl starch ether to the mortar can delay its opening time. As the temperature rises, the water retention of starch ether remains stable. Therefore, this product can not only improve the water retention performance of mortar, but also make up for the phenomenon that the water retention capacity of ordinary water retention agent retains rapidly with the rise of temperature;

● Hydroxypropyl starch ether has a fast thickening effect on mortar, which can improve the rheology of spraying mortar and plastering mortar;

● Hydroxypropyl starch ether can effectively prevent mortar delamination/separation and can be well used in self-leveling mortar.


● Tile adhesive-C2

● Wall mud (interior and exterior)

● Block joint mortar

● ACC bonding mortar

● Manufacture of glues and adhesives

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Product classification
Project namehydroxypropyl starch ether
Viscosity (5% aqueous solution)1200±100mpa.s/800~20000
AppearanceWhite powder
PH value (5% aqueous solution)6 to 8 basic
Hydroxypropyl content18%~32%
SolubilityRequire stirring to dissolve
Package25KG/ bag kraft paper bag
StorageSusceptible to moisture, store in a dry place
Dosage ratio
Binding agentCement-based0.03~0.05%/100kgCeramic tile adhesive, stone adhesive, finishing mortar, etc

Gypsum base0.03~0.05%/100kgPlaster plaster, etc
Plastering composite materialCement-based0.03~0.05%/100kgDry powder mortar, crack resistant mortar, thermal insulation mortar

Gypsum base0.02~0.05%/100kgPlaster plaster, light plaster, leveling plaster, caulking plaster, base plaster

Lime base0.03~0.05%/100kgWall putty, interior and exterior putty
BodyingIncrease the feel of constructionWater-retaining propertyLubricity
Sag resistanceIncrease the fullnessIncreased wettabilityAnti-sag
Improve filling

Product advantage
Dissolving speedSpreadableTake effect quicklyUniformly dispersed
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