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HPMC (derived methylcellulose) is a commonly used construction chemical widely evaluated in the construction of self-leveling floors.

Self-leveling floors refer to the use of special construction techniques and materials to allow the ground to level naturally during the construction process to form a smooth surface. HPMC plays an important role in self-leveling floors and has the following applications:

Hydration conditioner: HPMC can be added to the self-leveling floor mixture as a hydration regulator to adjust the fluidity and setting time of the mixture. By adjusting the amount of HPMC added, the fluidity of the ground mixture can be controlled, making it easier to flow and smooth during the construction process.

Improve construction performance: HPMC can form a viscous colloid in the mixture, which can improve the construction performance of self-leveling floors. It can increase the viscosity and cohesion of the mixture, prevent the mixture from delaminating or separating during the flow process, and improve the efficiency and quality of construction.

Control shrinkage and cracking: Self-leveling floors may suffer from shrinkage and cracking during the curing process, and HPMC can control the occurrence of these problems to a certain extent. It can provide a certain degree of flexibility and ductility, reducing stress concentration during the curing process of the floor, thereby reducing the risk of cracking.

Improved durability: HPMC can improve the durability and stain resistance of self-leveling floors. It can form a uniform protective film, forming an anti-penetration and anti-pollution barrier on the floor surface, improving the durability and ease of cleaning of the floor.

It should be noted that the specific application method and addition amount of HPMC should be adjusted according to the specific construction requirements and material ratio. In actual construction, it is recommended to follow relevant construction specifications and instructions to ensure the construction effect and quality of self-leveling floors.