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Masonry Mortar

HPMC (new generation cellulose) is a commonly used construction additive widely used in masonry mortars. The following are several main applications of HPMC in masonry mortar:

1. Thickener: HPMC can thicken masonry mortar to give it appropriate viscosity and fluidity. Thickened masonry mortar is easy to construct and plastically deform, helping to improve the bonding properties of masonry mortar.

2. Water retaining agent: HPMC can absorb and retain moisture to prevent premature water loss of masonry mortar. This helps extend the operable time of the masonry mortar, improves construction efficiency, and promotes full hardening of the masonry mortar.

3. Prevent sinking and delamination: HPMC can provide higher viscosity of masonry mortar and reduce the sinking and delamination of particles. This helps to improve the uniformity and stability of the masonry mortar and ensures the quality of the masonry wall.

4. Improve durability: HPMC can improve crack resistance and durability of masonry mortar. It forms a thin, uniform protective film that provides excellent resistance to penetration and weathering, extending the life of masonry walls. It should be noted that the specific HPMC dosage and usage methods may vary according to different mortar formulas and construction requirements. Therefore, before using HPMC, it is recommended to refer to relevant technical guidelines or consult professionals to ensure correct use and effect.