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Lightweight Gypsum

HPMC For Gypsum

Ding'ao Cellulose is a professional and trustworthy HPMC manufacturer and supplier. We provide you with the highest quality HPMC. for gypsum as well as other applications. The construction industry is constantly using new materials to improve the quality and overall performance of building products. Gypsum is one of the newest materials and is now widely used. However, the most important factor is the use of HPMC as a basis for gypsum plasters, especially in terms of stability and thickening properties.

HPMC has a high water retention capacity. This prevents cracking and enhances the overall appearance of the plaster. It also improves surface uniformity, lubricity and adhesion when applied to wall putty and other construction areas. Of course, on top of that, if you want to improve the tensile strength of your plaster mortar, HPMC is the right choice for you. It can act as an interfacial agent. In other words, it can improve the flexural strength of gypsum and increase the bond strength. All these factors make HPMC a must-have component of gypsum plaster that every builder must have.

The following are the main applications of HPMC in lightweight gypsum:

Adhesive: HPMC can be used as a binder for lightweight gypsum to fix gypsum particles and other fillers. It provides good bonding and viscosity, adding strength and stability to lightweight plaster.

Thickener: HPMC can play a thickening role in light gypsum, giving the gypsum paste higher viscosity and rheological properties. This helps to improve the coating performance and vertical flow of gypsum during construction and reduce the loss and deformation of gypsum paste.

Hydration conditioner: HPMC can adjust the hydration speed and hydration process of lightweight gypsum so that the gypsum paste has appropriate setting time and operability during construction.

It can delay the release of moisture and extend the use time of gypsum paste, thereby improving the construction efficiency of workers.

Anti-cracking agent: Because HPMC has high bonding strength and flexibility, it can play an anti-crack role in lightweight plaster. Adding an appropriate amount of HPMC can reduce cracks and deformation of gypsum during drying and shrinkage, and improve the durability and appearance quality of lightweight gypsum.

Lightweight Gypsum

HPMC in gypsum - the perfect additive!

Good water retention and thickening effect

It is well known that cement reacts with water and cracks are formed after drying. Gypsum plaster with HPMC added has water retention and thickening effect. No cracks on the surface after drying.

Better performance, better workability

Gypsum plaster does not require as much labor as mortar plaster to finish or achieve a perfectly smooth effect finish. It reduces labor while creating visually appealing rooms.

Durable and Fire Resistant

Gypsum plaster is lightweight and durable, which means its use adds little or no weight to the building. It ensures that the frame can cope with natural disasters and maintain its shape over time. In addition, gypsum plaster is highly fire resistant and can withstand fire for up to 3 hours.

In general, the application of HPMC in lightweight gypsum can improve its bonding performance, fluidity and durability, and improve construction efficiency and decorative effects. The specific usage method and additive dosage can be adjusted according to different lightweight gypsum formulas and requirements. In actual application, it is recommended to operate according to the product manual or consult the advice of professionals.

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