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HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) is a commonly used polymer additive widely used in the Paints&Coatings industry. It has good thickening, adhesion and water retention properties, which can improve the rheological properties of coatings, improve construction performance and coating film properties. The following are the main applications of HPMC in coatings:

Thickener: HPMC can be used as a thickener in coatings to adjust the viscosity and rheological properties of coatings. By controlling the amount of HPMC added, the fluidity and film thickness of the coating can be adjusted, and the uniformity and coverage of the coating can be improved.

Adhesive: HPMC has excellent adhesion properties, allowing coatings to adhere better to the substrate surface. It can provide strong adhesion, enhance the bonding force between the coating film and the substrate, and reduce the shedding and peeling of

Aquasorb: HPMC has good water retention properties and can absorb and retain moisture in the paint to prevent premature water loss during the construction process. This helps extend the open time of the paint, making application easier and reducing the drying time of the paint.

Anti-drip agent: HPMC can be used as an anti-drip agent in paint to improve the paint's droop properties and prevent paint from dripping on vertical surfaces. This is important in cases of vertical application or hanging paint to reduce paint waste and uneven application.

Buffer: HPMC has certain buffering properties and can adjust the pH value in the coating to keep it within a suitable range. This helps to stabilize the properties of the paint and prevent acid-base reactions or other undesirable changes in the paint.

It should be noted that the specific usage method and addition amount should be adjusted according to the type, formula and requirements of the coating. In actual applications, it is recommended to operate according to the recommendations and technical guidance of the coating manufacturer.