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PVA Powder

Product category: Polyvinyl alcohol

Full English name: Polyvinyl alcohol

English abbreviation: PVA

PVA Powder

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) resin is a polymer powder, chemical (CH2CHOH)n is a commonly used adhesive, with good film-forming, adhesive, and thermal stability. Its water solubility is related to the degree of alcoholysis.


Solution Stability

Low viscosity aqueous polyvinyl alcohol solutions are stable at room temperature and will not deteriorate on storage.


Polyvinyl alcohols 17-88 and 24-88 are partially soluble in alcohols, they can be dissolved in water at room temperature, when the temperature is lower than 10 °, it needs enough time to dissolve, usually 5-10 minutes.

Film Formation

Polyvinyl alcohol has strong intermolecular adhesion, it is easy to form a film, polyvinyl alcohol is colorless and transparent, the surface is smooth.



For all kinds of wall putty, dry mortar, gypsum products, tile adhesive

Improve the adhesion of cement, ash, calcium powder and gypsum.

Used for wall/ceiling finishes and tile adhesives.

Increase fluidity, slow down the surface drying time, prevent the product surface cracking.

Emulsion Paint Production

Adding 1-2kg of polyvinyl alcohol to emulsion paint can effectively improve the flatness of the product, increase the film-forming rate and reduce the amount of emulsion by 5-10kg.

Exterior wall/insulation mortar system

In the exterior wall and thermal insulation mortar, the combination of RDP and PVA will achieve excellent results

PVA is valued for its adhesive . PVA is valued for its emulsifying and film-forming properties. In the cosmetics industry, it is used as a binder or film-forming agent and to enhance the consistency of the oil or lipid portion of cosmetic formulations. It is used in shampoos, masks, cosmetics, skin care products and hairsprays.

In addition to cosmetics, PVA plays a vital role in many areas. It is used in paper coatings, latex paint glue and as a textile sizing agent. It acts as a carbon dioxide barrier in PET bottles and as a plastic backing sheet in adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products. In addition, PVA is used as a water-soluble film for packaging, as a mold release agent due to its non-stick properties, as a fiber reinforcement in gels, and as a material for chemical-resistant gloves.

Physicochemical indexes

Project name

PVA Powder


Product 1Product 2Product 3Product 4Product 5
GradeSuperior qualitySuperior qualitySuperior qualitySuperior qualitySuperior quality
Alcohol cleanliness(mole fraction)87%—89%87%~89%87%~89%87%~89%99%~100%
Volatile content /%≤5%≤5%≤5%≤5%≤5%
Ash content≤0.4%≤0.3%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.7%
AppearanceWhite or yellowish, flake, granular, powdered, reticulated, long filamentous, short filamentous solid
Packaging25kg, PE bag
Range of application
Applicable IndustryApplication fieldApplicationsHot-melt

Fabric stockDesizing, sizing, sizing

Adhesive for building paintwaterborne coatings, fireproof coating, water in water, water-coated sand

Building material adhesiveCement products, gypsum products, putty products, mortar products, building materials products, decorative materials products,

Building material additiveCeramic tile adhesive, mortar products, putty materials, grout, cement self-leveling, gypsum self-leveling,

Ceramic tile adhesive, mortar products, putty materials, grout, cement self-leveling, gypsum self-leveling,Slurry spray, slurry dump, light gypsum, heavy gypsum, joint sealant, caulking agent, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, repairing mortar products, cement additives, cement slurry, micro-cement additives

Adhesive for paperPaper, paper money, paper making, cartons

Rewet adhesiveCoal burning binder incense making additives, iron powder binder, mineral powder binder, mold binder dry powder binder

Carboxyaldehyde derivativesLubricants, dispersants, moisturizers、

paper conversion

EmulsifierSuspension agent, thickener, dispersant

thin filmsBlowing film, packaging film, packaging film

Soil improvement agentChemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical products, pesticide products

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber production raw materialsEthylene, vinyl acetate

Fine chemicalsPharmaceutical, pesticide, pharmaceutical intermediates, electrostatic auxiliaries

Seed coating agentCrop seed

Medical coating agentCapsules, lozenges, syrups

Adhesive for electronic productsElectronic parts adhesive, auto parts adhesive

Dissoluble filmLatex powder protection film, rubber powder mucosa

Additives of cosmeticsFace mask, hand cream, daily chemical products

Vinyl acetate polymerEthylene, vinyl acetate

Vinyl chloride suspension polymerization stabilizerPolyoxyethylene adhesive

Dispersion colloid

Protective colloid

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