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PP Staple Fiber

Product category: Polypropylene staple fiber

English full name: Polypropylene staple fiber

English abbreviation:PP Fiber

PP Staple Fiber

Polypropylene staple fiberis divided into long fiber, short fiber, spunbonded non-woven fabric, melt-blown non-woven fabric and other four main types. It is a synthetic fiber spun from isotactic polypropylene obtained from propylene polymerization, and PP staple fiber name is polypropylene in China. Different products in the application industry play different roles, the main characteristics are light texture, high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improve luster, enhance hand feel, increase softness, improve drape. It has electrical insulation and warmth, but its hygroscopic and dyeing properties are slightly poor, and it is generally used in combination with other materials. PP staple fiber can be used in building materials, textile industry, decorative building materials, nonwovens, medical and health materials and cigarette filters. Most of the production process adopts porous, low speed and continuous process, namely short spinning process. PP staple fiber and cotton blend, can be made into cotton cotton muslin, bed sheets, that is, fiber and viscose blend can be made into blankets, polypropylene pure spinning and blending wool, polypropylene blankets, carpets, polypropylene cotton wool filter for smoke.

What are polypropylene fibers made of?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic "additive polymer" made from a combination of propylene monomers. Plastic components are used in a variety of applications in industries as diverse as consumer packaging, automotive and textiles.

By adding PP fibers to cement mortar, the weight or volume of the mortar does not increase or settle. These fibers are a good substitute for hot steel reinforcement in concrete. We can add polypropylene fibers in short and separated forms to various forms of concrete.

PP fibers are also used for plastic strength. By adding them to plastics, cracking of plastics due to impact or cracking due to humidity and temperature changes can be reduced.


Product category
Project nameProduct1Product2Product 3Product 4Product 5Product 6Product 7
Performance index
Material100% polypropylene
Tensile strength35Min/Mpa
Initial modulus of elasticity3500分钟
Breaking elongation≤ 30%
Elastic recovery rateElongation≤ 3%时,96~100%。
Equivalent diameter36±3.6m
Acid and alkali resistance>96%
Heat resistanceSoftening point140~165°C

Melting point164~173°C

Water absorption<0.1%
Ratio g/cm30.90~0.91
CompletenessNon-toxic material
Packaging20kg,PE bags
Product application
Applicable industryApplication areaapplicable product
Construction industryUnderground waterproof engineeringWall, floor, cement, basement, road, bridge engineering
Architectural material industryBuilding materialsPorcelain imitation paint, good cement mud, anti-cracking mortar, thermal insulation bonding mortar, dry mix mortar, tile bonding agent, tile sealant, waterproof mortar, wet mix mortar, grouting material, road patching mortar, heavy gypsum, light gypsum, cement self-leveling, gypsum self-leveling, caulking plaster, quick bonding powder, interface agent, mortar king, micro-cement additives, dry mix paint, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, etc Auxiliary agent.External wall putty powder, internal wall putty powder, bottom putty powder, waterproof putty, oil putty, tempered putty, porcelain imitation putty, diatom、art putty, real stone paint primer putty, color putty, shell powder putty, decorative putty, leveling putty, ground putty, wall putty, wood paint putty, metal surface putty, lubricating oil surface putty, rubber oil surface putty RFW and other additives

cement product

gypsum product

Thermal insulation

Decorative material

Tile grout

Crack filler

Masonry mortar

Repair mortar

Building materialsWaterproof material

Wall putty/ Plaster coating

Building powder products

External insulation/ Finishing System (EIFS)

Cement based plaster

Mine backfill material

Fireproof coating

ConcreteConcrete plastering, shotcrete, concrete rigid self-waterproofing works, filling materials, embankment works

Dry powder mortar/dry powder paintThermal insulation mortar, plastering mortar, anti-cracking mortar, bonding mortar, FTC mortar, mortar latex, binder
IndustryCeramicsArt ceramics, craft ceramics, industrial ceramics, chemical ceramics, building ceramics, electric ceramics
Textile industryTextileKnitwear, underwear, socks, plush products, shoe lining, coat lining, children's clothing, pile fabric, wool, sand, carpet, wall cloth

Non-woven fabricsSpunbonded non-woven fabric, melt-blown non-woven fabric


Light industryPaper coatingFelt and paper for paper making
Petrochemical industryFiberglass products(FRP)Glass cloth, glass tape, glass felt, glass yarn
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