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Product problems and solutions

Nov. 09, 2023

As a manufacturer, we can solve problems that arise during the production process such as: 1. Problems that may arise when used in the construction industry as additives to cement, gypsum, and stucco. 2. Problems that may arise when used in the cosmetics industry as additives to shampoo, conditioner, and moisturize. 3. Problems that may arise when used in the food industry to make sauces, condiments, frozen foods, and pastries.

Product problems and solutions

Technical support and consulting: we have professional technology team that can provide technology support and consult service. Customers can contact our technology people at any time. We will offer detailed technical guidance as soon as possible and help customer use and apply HPMC products correctly.

The control of product quality: we strictly abide by the quality management system and ensure products comply with international standards and specifications. Our production process goes through strict quality control to ensure stability and consistency of product. If customer find the problems of product quality, we will cooperate with the customer positively, go through the investigation and analysis and take corrective measures in time.

On-site visit to solve: If the problem still cannot be solved after performing the above operations, we will send technicians to the customer's site to conduct on-site research and testing to find out the cause of the problem and provide solutions.

We value customer feedback and use it as an important basis for improvement.