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Nov. 02, 2023

Market size expands: As a functional chemical, the increased demand of HPMC for applications in construction, medicine, food, cosmetics and other fields made the overall market size continues to expand.

Growing demand in the construction industry: HPMC is widely used in building materials, such as cement mortar, tile adhesive, putty powder, etc. As the global construction industry grows and urbanization advances, the demand for HPMC has also increased accordingly.

Increased environmental awareness: as an environmentally friendly building material, HPMC has the characteristics of biodegradability and low toxicity. Therefore, HPMC is favored by more and more environmentally conscious consumers and manufacturers and drives market growth.

Technological innovation and product upgrades: as the HPMC industry continues to innovate in technology, it develops products with higher quality and more functions. For example: Improved HPMC formulas, privately customize products that better suit customer orders, etc, better meet the needs the applications and needs of different industries.