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Honeycomb Ceramics

HPMC (new generation cellulose) can be used as a thickening agent and buffering agent for ceramic slurries in porous ceramics. Honeycomb ceramic is a porous ceramic material with high specific surface area and good thermal stability. It is widely used in automobile exhaust processors, catalyst carriers, filters, gas burners and other fields.

In the preparation process of honeycomb ceramics, HPMC can be used to adjust the viscosity and fluidity of ceramic slurry. Adding an appropriate amount of HPMC can improve the plasticity and processing properties of ceramic slurry, making it easier to shape and grout. In addition, HPMC can also improve the adhesion and bonding strength of ceramic slurries, helping to form a strong ceramic structure during the sintering process.

The addition of HPMC can control the pore structure and pore size distribution of honeycomb ceramics to a certain extent. By adjusting the concentration and molecular weight of HPMC, the rheological properties of the ceramic slurry can be affected, thereby regulating the porosity and pore size of the honeycomb ceramics to meet the requirements of specific applications.

It should be noted that the specific HPMC dosage and formula design will vary depending on the specific honeycomb ceramic application and preparation process. In actual applications, experiments and optimization need to be carried out according to specific conditions to obtain the best performance and effects.